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This is a specific training program designed for luxury retailers working on making their mark in the industry. Sales and Client Development oriented, this program jump starts overall sales by giving all participants in your company the knowledge to communicate effectively with old and new clients. With focus on product and service knowledge, clienteling, luxury retail etiquette, and sales techniques this program is the way your company will reach new levels of success. 

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The winter destinations industry has been in a continuous morphing phase for the last decade. 

MINDSETCO Consulting has worked in the tourism and destination segments for more than 20 years. We understand its dynamics, development and needs. 

Our specialized training program for winter destinations is a cutting edge product developed with ski resorts and tour operators in mind.

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 We have worked in this industry for over twenty five years and we understand it. Our development programs are meant not only to give your employees the skills they need to care for visitors but also to stay relevant and understand new trends.

Hospitality as an industry is booming, the field is exciting and ever-evolving especially with recent changes in client behavior. Your company will benefit greatly from a specialized training focused in clienteling and sales.


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This training is our most iconic program designed for entrepreneurs, executives, sales associates and entire teams that have had some or non formal sales training. 

It provides a general idea of how we can re-set our thought processing to understand our clients in a deeper level in order to serve them better and increase sales at the same time. 

Participants learn the basics of sales, skills to engage clients and understand their needs, active communication skills, planning, and cross-selling and reselling techniques. 

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Today, the concept of customer service has become obsolete. Companies are striving to transform customers into clients and clients into allies. New concepts such as “Clienteling” and “Cross selling” are the new way to engage with potential clients no matter the industry or market and not matter the point of contact. 

Client Development is especially relevant if not essential for companies that work within the luxury industry or with high net worth individuals. 

This training is Tailored to your company.