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At MINDSET company we relentlessly work to unlock the limitless individual and collective potential. Our specialized mentors and advisers are successful business women and men with at least a decade of experience in development and coaching. They thrive on your success and adapt to your specific needs and the needs of your business. 


We believe any challenge is an opportunity, any person can positively impact the world and that the key to unlock human potential lies in our individual and collective MINDSET.  

We offer you innovating training, entrepreneurial consulting and creative business advisory. 

Our core competences are Product and Service Development, Digital Brand Positioning and Social Media, and Sales and Marketing.


What we believe of ourselves and the world around us dictates how we behave in business and in our personal life. What if we could train to see the world through different eyes and that alone was enough to shift our realities? 

Reset your mind, reshape your future.

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PO Box 1345, Basalt, CO 81621, US



Monday - Friday: 9am - 8pm

Saturday: By appointment

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